um, where did u go?

yeah. I totally had a blog topic in my head this morning.

And now that topic has totally disappeared. Vanished. Run away. Died a thousand deaths. Went kaput. Is temporarily unavailable.

Whatever you wanna call it, it’s gone.

So now what do I talk about? I could discuss last night’s Bachelorette, but that would bore you all to tears. Yes. Yesterday’s show was the most boring Bachelorette ever. YAWN. No big surprises. No big deal with who was sent home. Lots of forced drama. Blah. Blah. Blah. I will say, I really, really, really like Chris L. and his cute little Cape Cod accent. And Jesse should just never wear a shirt. Ever.

I’m going to see Sex and the City tomorrow afternoon with my girlfriends.

Tonight is Trivia Night. But I’m feeling kinda blah and low key…guess that realy doesn’t have anything to do with my head full of useless knowledge, but I do tend to have a better time when my sparkle is running at 110%. Guess I need to get my sparkle going again.

I’ll leave you guys with my favorite pic from yesterday. The big guy is Buckshot…my neighbor’s big old aging yellow lab. The pug, is of course my Ruby. Isn’t this a great shot?

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