the BOOB tube


I said BOOB.

I no longer have cable tv or a dvr. Surprisingly enough, my world hasn’t imploded, locusts haven’t shrouded my home, and hell (as far as I know) still hasn’t frozen over. But it’s still early, so it may be too soon to tell…

I’m having to be creative about catching up with shows I love like Drop Dead Diva, Burn Notice, and of course TRUE FREAKING BLOOD… (oh Eric, how I’ve missed you) Thankfully, you can watch full episodes on the internet–oh, wait. I don’t have internet either. But, I have friends who do, so I’m pretty much set up.

I do have regular TV (you know, the basic channels with an antenna. Yeah, I’m hip like that. Goin’ old sk00l and keepin’ it real, yo.) So I can still watch some of my favorites like the stupid Bachelorette (Maria, I may never forgive you for making me watch this train wreck) LIE TO ME (which comes on at same time as stupid Bachelorette so I end up flipping channels at commercial) Survivor will be back soon. And there’s this new show with Bradley Whitford & Colin Hanks which is just fun as hell.

Yes. I have a problem with the boobs tube.

The Bachelorette is still boring the crap outta me. (why do I keep watching???) Read Maria’s run down if you want a good idea of what happened last night. It’s redonkulous. I can’t even do my Mystery Bachelorette Theater on facebook anymore because it’s so damn boring. Suffice it to say, the top 2 are obvious, the top 4 pretty easy to pick and between the top 2…one of them will be the next Bachelor more than likely.

I did watch the season 3 premier of True Blood and was thrilled to see my characters back, but was left a little confused. I’m gonna watch it again this week and see if I can unmuddle some of the muck. Drop Dead Diva is such a fun show that everyone should be watching. If you’re not watching, you need your head examined.

Okay, guess that sums up my boob tube problem. Those boobs–they’ll get you every time!

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