blinded by the lake…

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for the kind text messages and emails checking to make sure that we were not where the flash flooding occured. We were about an hour away, and we were in a house on a hill. There was no flooding whatsoever in our area. What happened at the Albert Pike Campground was a terrible tragedy. A flash flood at 5:30 A.M. in a remote area is just not something anyone can prepare for. I’m so thankful we are all safe and alive. My heartfelt prayers go to the families and friends who lost someone in the flood.
Now onto today’s blog…
The weekend was fabulous except for 1 tiny little glitch… My beautiful red glasses are now being worn by some stylish fish in Lake Ouachita.
Yeah. You know something like that had to happen. Of course, I didn’t have any contacts with me (had an eye infection a few weeks ago, remember? I’m not wearing those contacts again until I get new ones…) And of course, I didn’t bring an extra pair of glasses, cuz why would I? I’ve been wearing my glasses on the lake for 30+ years…I’ve never lost them before! Why would I lose them now?
Well, because sometimes Karma likes to have a little fun with a girl, that’s why. But it’s all good. It all worked out. And in the grand scheme of things, this was small potatoes compared to what could have happened. So, I just laughed and cried a little…drank a little, borrowed my friend’s extra pair of glasses (which were surprisingly close to my prescription) and moved on.
Here is the last picture ever taken of me and my awesome glasses. May they swim in peace…

I drove and parked the party barge like a champ. Got a little sun. Had some yummy food. Enjoyed several flavors of Ring Pops. And had a fantastic time with 6 7 (Allana left a little early so she isn’t pictured here) women who I’m lucky to call my friends. Life is good.

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