no-wine wednesday?

yeah. I’m detoxing right now. Last night while we were at Touchdown Sally’s, my friend Wade nearly choked on his beer when he realized I was drinking only water.

“No beer?” he asked. “No beer on purpose?”

And the guys at SO might do the same tonight when I don’t indulge in my weekly love affair with Kim Cattrall Crawford.

It’s back to fitness time. I’ve been slacking for a few months and now I’m getting fluffy again. Soft and marshmallowy. This is NOT good. This is NOT what I worked so hard for last year. Nope. So I started Monday with my fruits/veggies/lean protiens/whole wheat grains regimen. I actually already feel better. I walked 3 days last week–an hour each time. I walked yesterday. If it’s not raining this afternoon, I’ll walk today. BEFORE I go to No-Wine Wednesday. Because if I’ve actually already walked, I am less inclined to want to ruin the accomplishment.

Now, I’m not saying I’m not gonna have a drink every once in a while. BUT I am saying that those empty calories are not good if I wanna continue toward lean and mean. Soft and fluffy is fine, if you’re a towel. I don’t wanna be a towel.

I’ll report back tomorrow if everyone dies of shock tonight when I order water only. I guess if that happens, I won’t have to worry about will power next week, huh?

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