need a weekend to recover from…

my weekend AND that joke of an interview with Jake and Vienna.

Weekend first:

Drove the kidlets to Oxford. I always go the back way because it ends up being quicker than going through Memphis because 9 out of 10 times, there’s some kind of accident or construction or just stupidity that brings the traffic to a stand still.

Also, I love farmlands and the character of the country. Especially when I see things like this:

This is the most politically and grammatically incorrect street sign I have ever seen. And I ♥ it soooooo much. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Then I passed by the Cougar Cafe: Hot Mamas & Cold Drinks

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of that and I haven’t forgiven myself yet. I will tell you, that might end up in a book somewhere…

After a yummy lunch at Proud Larry’s (the service is still a little slow, but they have the best pizza and salads so I deal with it) I dropped the boys off with their friends and headed out to a pool party. It was great seeing my friends again. Afterward, me and Andrea made our way to the square where we had a VERY DELICIOSO pineapple margarita at Prime.

After our pineapple yumminess we headed over to Rooster’s Blues House and sat outside where we enjoyed the company of a lovely couple as well as the company of our beers. I was excited to see Rooster’s carried Diamond Bear Pale Ale which is brewed right here in Little Rock.

Sunday I had planned to drive home, but made a ‘quick’ detour to Water Valley, MS so I could visit my pal Rhonda. Rhonda has a pool. Mel’s quick visit turned into 24 hours. Rhonda’s pool called me like a siren. I was trapped and couldn’t free myself so I just gave in…

It was a great weekend. I miss my Oxford peeps!


Look none of us were surprised Jake and Vienna broke up. (Well, none of us except maybe the host of the show Chris Harrison…) None of us are surprised she’s emotional and slightly unstable. But you know what did surprise me? What a freaking controlling asshole Jake is! And that smirk! Holy smokes! What I took away from the interview was that Jake wanted a girl who was quiet and compliant in real life…maybe he should’ve chosen Tetley Teabag instead of Vienna Sausage then… I do think he’s a big ol’ fame whore like Vienna said. I think he would turn on the charm for the cameras then when they were home, he would turn into what we saw last night. I’m not her biggest fan, but I will say, I believe her side of the story MUCH more than his. Because he is a douchebag.

So how was your weekend? Did you see the interview? What were your thoughts?

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