oh yeah I like it like that

Spent Saturday with Birdrunner soaking up the sun, her company, and several adult beverages. We read the Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T. book and laughed our collective booties off. We listened to music that drove her 10 year old daughter nuts and gossiped about red heads, men, and the kids. On the PSI scale, it was a 10 day for sure!

Yesterday was a day of cleaning and reconnecting. I needed the down time. I ‘ve been swamped these past few weeks–just going non-stop. And my house and my body were suffering for it! I still need to do laundry, but I did manage to get rid of the clutter that had taken over my tee-tiny living room. I also managed to get a nap in…which is always a good thing!

Now for the entertainment portion of today’s blog:

Mr. T puts the laughter in manslaughter.

Mr. T was fired from the Psychic Friends Network for always predicting pain.

Despite popular belief, if there is a fool in the woods, and nobody is around to hear his jibba jabba, Mr. T is still able to pity him.

Chuck Norris was cast as the protagonist in Terminator, but he later bowed out of the role, since he has already stopped a time war between machines and mankind. Twice.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear itself fears Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of visible light. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.

Oh and happy or sad Elvis “Death” Day (I used quotes because you know he’s really not dead. Right?) Here’s my favorite E song. Long live the King.

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