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More great reviews for LOVE SUCKS! and also a give away…

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So, onto the “stuff and such” portion of today’s blog.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted a do over? Yesterday started out fine. I was in a great mood. Had a great Sunday night. Other than being a little sleepy, I almost actually looking forward to the day ahead.

And then *it* happened.

I’m not exactly sure what *it* is, but I know that suddenly, the day just seemed to take a big ol’ dump on me. Somehow, someway, for some reason my good day turned to poo so by the time the boys and I got home, I was Mrs. Crankypants.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when Mrs. Crankypants takes over, things don’t ever seem to improve. I try to make Mrs. Cp go away, but she doesn’t. And then the boys start bickering and smart off to me, and then Ruby the Pug and Clementine the Tart get into it like cartoon cats and dogs, and then my full glass of wine (KIM CATTRAL CRAWFORD wine at that!) got knocked to floor…and shattered. And I still had to do dishes and get laundry going.

Thankfully, I had an unopened bottle of wine. I did my chores, poured me a lovely glass, and sat down to chill. Then I kicked Rader’s tail at some Uno while we watched LIE TO ME. (then he kicked mine, then I kicked his, then he kicked mine. We quit while we were Even)

I went to bed and slept like the dead. And this morning, I saw a beautiful sunrise while driving Rader to football practice. Today is gonna be a good day. I think I’ll have an Atomic Fireball to celebrate…

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