I’m late. Deal with it.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this has been a craptastic week, overflowing with craptastic goodies. BUT things are changing. Yep. They’re coming around to the good side again, I can feel it.

First of all, my darling Mac isn’t dead. Fishdog worked his Apple Magic on her, and she seems to be in fine working order again. I was afeared we had a fried hard drive, but according to all the tests, she seems to be A OKay. Must’ve been a corrupted file just messing with her goodness.

Secondly, I snuck in a drink last night with my BFF Jenn Christman. We only had 1 hour but we took full advantage of that hour with a margarita and lots of gossip. She got hair extensions and looks 10 years younger and now I’m thinking that maybe I need to invest in some of those…

THEN I hung out with the eldest last night. Was fun. He’s a hoot. Makes me laugh and we shared Double Stuf Oreos. And you know if Double Stuf Oreos are involved, it’s a good time.

Today I had lunch with my pal Laura at Cheers in the Heights. Adolfo took very good care of us, as usual.

And tonight…I’m making apple pie. I’m also planning on sparkling while I wear my flamingo apron. Maybe I’ll conjure up Matt Damon while I’m at it…

See? All is well.

What you guys got going on? Anything fun or exciting?

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