what a girl DOESN’T want to come home to find

This is my baby, Mac. She apparently isn’t feeling well. And it must be contagious because I’m not feeling well now, too. Sigh.
No, this is not what a girl wants to come home to find. I’m going to make a list of things that I would much rather come home to, and maybe tonight when I get home, one (or more of them) will be there.
  • Matt Damon in my bed
  • Matt Damon naked vaccumming my house
  • Anyone vaccumming my house fully clothed
  • A chilled (bottomless) bottle of wine in the hand of my cabana boy as I walk in the door to my already cleaned house.
  • A million dollars and Matt Damon lying naked in the middle of it.
  • A million dollars (Matt Damon optional)
  • A brand new swimming oasis in my backyard with an oasis house and cabana boy.
  • A disco ball hanging from my living room and the Geico Gecko waiting to dance. Or Matt Damon.
  • A fully cooked meal served to me by Matt Damon wearing my Flamingo apron in my already clean house.
  • A computer that works…sitting on Matt Damon’s lap.

Yeah, I’m thinking anything on this list would be much more fun to come home to find. Don’t you agree?

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