Dear Friday. Thank you for getting here. Love Melf.

Seriously. I’m so ready for this damn week to be over. And I apologize for all the kevetching I’ve done this week. It’s not like me, I know. Usually I’m all sunshine and butterflies (and sparkles, OH MY!) but I just haven’t had it in me all week long. I’m Mrs. CrabbyPants. Or Mrs. CrankyPants. Or Mrs. BitchyPants. Whatever. *grumblehissgrumblehiss*

I baked my first pie in my lovely gas oven last night. Baking is an art and usually I create beautifully baked art. And last night’s pie…looked beautiful. And it tasted wonderful. BUT the bottom crust didn’t cook all the way through and my apple filling was runnier than usual. It was an off night for the pie queen.

But I look really cute in an apron, don’t you think?

Okay, so next week will be better. I will do my best to take my bitchy britches off and burn them. I don’t like it when I feel cranky all the time. It’s just not natural to me! I like being fun, flirty, and full of sparkle. So you better put on your shades next week cuz I’m bringing sparkle back…

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