Friday randomness

I love this song. It tells a story completely with so few words. And it’s powerful. And the video is powerful. And if you’re in a relationship that is this volatile, Get Out. Mmmkay?

Love the Way You Lie: Rhianna and Eminem

Of course, you know Eminem is one of my dirty little secrets, right? I can’t go back and find the blog right now, but you can click ‘secrets’ label and find my White Trash Crushes post. I mean, look at this boy. He’s hotter than a tablespoon of raw cinnamon.

Last night we celebrated two birthdays at Girls’ Night Out and we started out as a party of 8 and we ended with a party of 1million 16. We had cupcakes that sparkled, yummy sexican waiters, cleavage, margaritas and ended the night with karaoke. Carla and I performed Love Shack. It was terribly wonderful.

Here’s your Friday iPhone pic (actually here’s 2 pics just cuz you’re special and deserve double)

Do not adjust your screen. Jorge is, in fact, upside down. Actually, he was standing behind my chair leaning over me, so naturally I had to take a picture.

Getting a new pedi tonight, then it’s off to 80s Bunko! Tomorrow I’m hanging poolside with Birdrunner. The role of poolboy will be played by her husband…unless anyone else out there would like to volunteer.


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