free to good home and I’m not talking about me (this time)

Meet the Kittehs. They are all litter trained and eating real food. They are fun and purry and affectionate and are ready to be adopted. (I’ll even bring them to Oxford with me on Friday if anyone in the area wants one!)

Here are the boys. I’m showing this view first so you can see the difference in their color. Chicken Nugget is the light one; Col. Mustard is the darker.

Chicken Nugget
Col. Mustard

Here are the Calicos:


Kitty G

This black and white little girl is Charlie Chaplin. She’s been promised to my friend Jeanne, but I couldn’t post pics of her siblings and leave her out!!
If you’re interested, please contact me via email. First come; first serve!
oatmellow [@] gmail [.] com

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