changing seasons

I’m a little torn this year about moving from summer to fall. I’m not quite ready to give up my pool and lake time. I’ve had a great summer with friends and I’d really like to keep it going. Sunshine makes me happy. (it makes Ruby happy, too! and when the pug is happy, Everybody’s happy…)

That said, I’m also ready for fall. Sometimes there’s nothing better than waking up and having a cup of coffee on my screened in porch with a little chill in the air.

Or sleeping with the windows open! I love the fresh air and the battling sounds between city and country life.

And then there’s red wine. Mmmmm. I don’t drink it Alot a lot in the summer, but man in the fall…I can drink me some Pinot Noir or Cab Sav. Mmmmmmmmmm. Momma like.

And we can’t forget Foozball. I’m so ready. I do love to watch a good college game on the weekends and even head to the bar on a Monday night with my friend Jenn C. when the Ravens play. (I’m just supportive like that, you know.)

You know what else I love but haven’t done in FOR-FREAKING-EVER? Fall camping. I’d love to tent camp for a night or two, go hiking, cook some stew in a dutch oven over an open fire…have some Hot Damn to warm my inside parts. You can’t do that in the summer here in Arkansas. It’s just too bloody hot! But starting now through October and sometimes mid-November, you absolutely can.

So I’m not ready to let go of summer yet, but I am so ready to start participating in my favorite fall activities. I guess it really doesn’t matter what I want though, does it. The season will change with or without my permission. I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that I’M IN CHARGE NOW, BITCH. Hmph.

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