in which she begs…and then offers prizes!

Okay, she doesn’t beg, but she is going to introduce you to a fabulous charity and ask you to donate.

It’s a really good cause and unlike any other I’ve ever seen. My friend Christian is participating and is trying to raise $15,000 for Spin for Kids. Look at what they accomplished through last year’s donations:

  • Opened the new Will-A-Way Campsite in Winder, GA. Their second fully-accessible overnight campsite with cabins, medical lodge, accessible swimming pool, archery, high and low ropes, adventures courses and much more.
  • Added over 1,000 campers to their roster this summer. 1,000 new children in one summer!
  • Added Selby’s Tree house to the Rutledge Campsite; an educational nature experience center and overnight camping facility.
  • Increased all around capacity for Overnight Camping Programs and extended Camping Programs (think “traditional” summer camp experience).
  • Added drum and percussion lessons as well as group musical sessions. This is a huge favorite with the children. Try to picture 100 disabled little fellas with various ethnic pecussiom instruments in a drumlines. That’s amazing.
  • Audited at 78% of donor money going directly to Camp Twin Lakes programming. 78%!!

Please go to Christian’s personal donation page, even if you can only donate $1. It’s a worthy cause.

And…if you donate, come back and tell me and you’ll be entered into a drawing for both of my books and a $25 gift card to Amazon. Tweet or blog this and you’ll be entered twice–just leave a link in your comment. So give a little and get something back in return. The contest runs until October 1. How awesome is that? (pretty awesome, tyvm)

In other news, this song has been in my head every morning for the past week…now I shall give you my early morning ear worm:

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