I like very much this books BITE ME and LOVE SUCKS

No, Borat didn’t review BITE ME! but I like to imagine that he read it and loved it. Along with Chuck Norris. And Mr. T. And MacGyver. And Han Solo.

Anyway, Lauren over at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf DID read BITE ME! and she loved it. You should check it out.

Here’s some tidbits:

Just when I thought vampires were officially over, Bite Me! ended up in my hands, and boy, was it fantastic (or fangtastic. Get it? Yes, I know my jokes are lame)! It definitely is one of my favorite paranormal romances of the year!

[more awesome stuff in between]

In all, Bite Me! is a romantic, funny, and unique debut book that I can’t suggest highly enough to all you paranormal lovers out there! I’m definitely looking forward to reading more by Ms. Francis.

Is very nice. (and heeheehee she called me Ms. Francis. *snort*)

She also reviewed LOVE SUCKS! but it’s only posted on Amazon right now. Hopefully it will be live on her site soon, but here is a little tidbit from that review:

Just when I thought Melissa Francis’ books couldn’t get any better, her sophomore novel came out and it was nothing short of amazing, good-old fun, making the Bite Me series one of my current faves!

[lots more awesome stuff]

Lastly, Melissa’s writing is even better in this one, because it brought not only the plot to life but the characters as well.

In all, Love Sucks!, as well as its predecessor Bite Me!, are pure fun vampire fluff! I’m truly hoping there will be a third one, though I’m sure that whatever Ms. Francis comes up with next will be just as great, if not more amazing!

Aw yeah. I love me some awesome reviews. Thanks, Lauren! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books!!

Please don’t forget the Give a Little, Get a Little contest I’m running.

in which she begs…and then offers prizes!

Okay, she doesn’t beg, but she is going to introduce you to a fabulous charity and ask you to donate.

It’s a really good cause and unlike any other I’ve ever seen. My friend Christian is participating and is trying to raise $15,000 for Spin for Kids. Look at what they accomplished through last year’s donations:

  • Opened the new Will-A-Way Campsite in Winder, GA. Their second fully-accessible overnight campsite with cabins, medical lodge, accessible swimming pool, archery, high and low ropes, adventures courses and much more.
  • Added over 1,000 campers to their roster this summer. 1,000 new children in one summer!
  • Added Selby’s Tree house to the Rutledge Campsite; an educational nature experience center and overnight camping facility.
  • Increased all around capacity for Overnight Camping Programs and extended Camping Programs (think “traditional” summer camp experience).
  • Added drum and percussion lessons as well as group musical sessions. This is a huge favorite with the children. Try to picture 100 disabled little fellas with various ethnic pecussiom instruments in a drumlines. That’s amazing.
  • Audited at 78% of donor money going directly to Camp Twin Lakes programming. 78%!!

Please go to Christian’s personal donation page, even if you can only donate $1. It’s a worthy cause.

And…if you donate, come back and tell me and you’ll be entered into a drawing for both of my books and a $25 gift card to Amazon. Tweet or blog this and you’ll be entered twice–just leave a link in your comment. So give a little and get something back in return. The contest runs until October 1. How awesome is that? (pretty awesome, tyvm)

In other news, this song has been in my head every morning for the past week…now I shall give you my early morning ear worm:

it’s like this and like that and like this and uh…

Let’s get the housekeeping out of the way, shall we?

There is a lovely review, interview, and a chance to win a copy of BITE ME! going on over at the Wayfaring Writer’s blog. Go forth, read, comment, and get a chance to win!

Team BITE ME! was again victorious last night, taking first place for the 2nd week in a row and claiming the #1 spot overall at Touchdown Sally’s. As always, we had a blast. And Brent, thanks for reading my blog yesterday and playing some of the songs I posted. Especially the Ida Maria song. It’s infectious.

Did I tell you I found a sock in my purse? It’s true. I’ve named him Lenny.

Yesterday I found 6 four-leaf clovers bringing my total to 10 found since March 18. Here’s a link to the album…I’m keeping track this year to see just how many I find.

Now onto the fun stuff…

Um, wow. I guess I got nuthin’ except for a pretty smile and an extra dose of sparkle today. So I’ll just sparkle on…. mmmmkay?

you have one job today…ONLY ONE

And that is to buy at least 2 copies of Maria Geraci’s latest book: BUNCO BABES GONE WILD

Don’t make me come after you. Cuz trust me, I will cut a bitch.

Now, if you want to take your chances and try to win a copy, I will allow you to buy ONE copy and then head over to Maria’s blog to find out how you can win another copy. But ONLY after you’ve purchased a copy first.

Contest! Win a $50 Gift Certificate

Which Bunco Babe Are You?
Maria Geraci is celebrating the upcoming release of her new novel, Bunco Babes Gone Wild, by running a contest. Take the Which Bunco Babe Are You? quiz, follow the directions when you’re finished and enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of BBGW and a $50 gift certificate to Borders (can be used online.) Deadline is November 1. Good Luck!

Today’s the day!

It’s on the shelves!

If you’re unable to run out and buy it today, never fear, you have several chances to win a free copy.

My friend Diana Peterfreund is giving away a copy on her blog.

I’m giving away a copy on the Knight Agency Blog


I’m doing a contest on Fictionistas for a copy of the book, some swag, and a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Go forth and win!

(of course, you know that even if you win, you’ll still be required to buy at least two copies of my book. It says so in my bio…)


Okay, so I had a hard time picking a favorite of my limericks yesterday. WAY hard. I mean, any limerick that can incorporate “Chinchilla” in it, deserves major kudos.

And of course, there is the whole, “..MILF for the masses, she rocks ginger asses…” line which deserves to be bronzed.

Lucy called me a Southern Belle and I suddenly had a case of the vapors. Where’s my Rhett Butler? I need him to catch me as I swoon.

I honestly had a hard time picking a favorite. So, I decided to use Random.org and let fate pick for me!

Congrats to Elaina (#4) and Jeanne St. James (#10) (btw, I counted Elaina’s 4th Limerick for Marcus…)

That’s right! I decided the entries were so good, I had to give away 2 copies!!!!

Ladies email me your address and who you would like your copy signed to at tellmel@melissafrancis.net and I’ll ship them to you as soon as they arrive (should be today or tomorrow)

Here are all the entries. I have to say, I giggled all day. And I also couldn’t stop thinking in limericks…

Elaina Huntley said…
There once was a Diva named Mel
Who ran a 5k-What the Hell?
She finished ahead
Then went straight home to bed
Bite Me, is all she would yell
3/17/2009 07:29:00 AM

Elaina Huntley said…
A Diva named Mel wrote a book
Then shouted “Hey everyone look!”
My cover, she rocks
Oh and check out my socks
Then Bite Me, cause duh it’s the hook
3/17/2009 07:36:00 AM

R F Long said…
If you’re going to get our Mel’s book
to read in a dark, cosy nook
The secret is clear
And there’s no need to fear
her a sexy librarian look.
3/17/2009 08:06:00 AM

Elaina Huntley said… Last One! LOL
Bite Me, a book that is new
From our very own Mel Diva, True!
A MILF I aspire
She said with such fire
The balls of the boys all turned blue.

marcus said… I’m stuck with just a piece of limerick, the center part that I want to have go like this :
“..MILF for the masses,she rocks ginger asses…”
Elaina–can you work with that? ’cause I’m naming you Mistress O’Limericks
3/17/2009 08:28:00 AM

Elaina Huntley said…
Mel’O Diva said ‘y’all don’t you fret’
A turn on each hunk I will get
A MILF for the masses
She rocks ginger asses
And look, not even a sweat!
(How’s that marcus??) LOL

prabjohn said…
Mel is a chick, who writes, blogs, and twits.
About Bite Me, Fish Dog, and various shit.
She finished her 5K.
In less than half a day.
Which left her ample time to suck it.
3/17/2009 08:47:00 AM

Bonnie Ferguson said…
‘Tis March cried a blogger with glee
Known as the Month of Mel to all and sundry
Mel O’Drama, a fine Irish lass
Who’s more than once uttered: Kiss my Ass
Has written a grand tome titled Bite Me!
3/17/2009 01:34:00 PM

Rhoda said…
She runs, writes, bitches and blogs,
but I swear this lady could balance on logs.
She wrote a new book due out in month eight of 0-nine,
and I hope the advanced copy ends up being mine!
3/17/2009 01:46:00 PM

Rhoda said… #2
Melissa Francis, that fiction chick
bitches ’bout fiction like it’s gonna make her rich.
That fun lovin’ Mel is drama-swell,
Now let’s stop and read ‘bite me’, or she’ll curse us to hell.

Jeanne St. James said…
On a day meant for celebrating St.Paddy’s
There was a girl named Mel who liked handsome laddies
She wrote a book
With sharp teeth as the hook
If you read her story “Bite Me” you won’t have the saddies.
3/17/2009 05:00:00 PM

Lucy said…
There once was a trainer from hell
Who coached a sweet Southern Belle
When it came time to race
She kept up the pace
‘Cause that’s just the way of our Mel
3/17/2009 05:42:00 PM

Lucy said…
There once was an exercise class
Of which Mel considered no pass
She thought it was Rumba
Turned out it was Zumba
Yet still she thought it a gas
3/17/2009 05:49:00 PM

Lucy said…
There once was a writer named Mel
Who wrote YA hoping to sell
Her brand’s ‘Bitchin’ Fiction’
Just thought I would mention
Buy ‘Bite Me’ or get ready for hell
3/17/2009 06:35:00 PM

prabjohn said…
Ms.Mel, Hogzilla, or Boobszilla?
“Bite Me” coming soon to your villa
If you don’t buy and read
On your neck she will feed
Or on your nuts sick a chinchilla.
3/17/2009 09:45:00 PM

prabjohn said…
Vampires love blood in their tummy
Oh Mel, this may make you feel crummy
Since they don’t floss and brush
Do their teeth turn to mush?
Therfore, should the book be called “Gum Me.” <—OK seriously, that's just funny.
3/17/2009 10:04:00 PM

SheWolfSilver said…
It is the month of Mel
A very sexy bombshell.
A Diva who wrote a book.
What you ask is the hook?
I need something to read So, I wrote this for greed.

Paradox said…
AJ Ashe is a bit of a liar,
with a secret, in danger most dire.
“I’m normal,” she said,
though in fact she’s undead,
your everyday teenage vampire. (Paradox, this is excellent for having just read the ‘books’ page! Thank you for playing!)

I had two limericks enter via FB last night at 8:07 pm. I’m adding them here so they will count.
From Glenn:
limerick #1
There once was a writer named Mel,
From her hands best sellers they fell.
Her fans were all lined upAt Borders, Bretanos,
And everywhere where books they sell.

limerick #2
There once was a princess named Mel;
Her awesomeness easy to tell;
Her subjects all loved her,
A feminine wonder,
A Venus reposed on her shell.

Now do you see why it was so hard for me to choose??? Y’all are all awesome. I felt the limerick love, and am still all a green-glow today. (is that anything like being a teenage mutant ninja turtle?)