good news; bad news

The good news is, my back is finally almost back to normal! YAY!

The bad news is, I won’t be rockin’ a Hoveround this weekend. Let me show you all the things El Jefe and I had planned to do with the Hoveround:

Go to the moon

Go scuba hover diving

Jousting except with Hoverounds instead of War Birds. (Though we may still do this if we can find some War Birds… How awesome would that be????)

Ride unicorns! Let’s go to Candy Mountain, Charlie!

And last but not least: Finish the damn wars. And then start some new ones.

I know y’all are all happy that my back is better, but aren’t you also slightly disappointed that I won’t be participating in the Hoveround Adventures? I know I am…

Y’all have a great weekend. Not sure I’ll be blogging tomorrow…we’ll see.

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