monday morning blues

Ruby and I were both very sad leaving Oxford in the wee hours this morning. See how forlorn she is? That’s because she left behind all the chewies that she had gathered up around the house since Thursday. The other dogs only THOUGHT those chewies belonged to them. Ruby let them know that without a doubt, they were only holding the chews for her.

The drive home was an easy one (no traffic and great coffee helped with that) I much prefer driving early than late.

Oxford was great this weekend. Friday night El Jefe grilled up some yummy portabella mushrooms with edamame which went really well with my Zolo Malbec. (I can’t find it in Arkansas, so I try to buy a bottle when I go to Oxford. I don’t think it’s sold west of the Mississippi or something!)

The view at night was lovely. The pool is way too cold to swim in now, but it sure is a fabulous backdrop for a nightcap.

Saturday we went to The Burgundy Room and watched both the Razorbacks beat the Aggies and the South Carolina Gamecocks beat Alabama! (sorry Marley, but that made me very happy) Then Saturday night more grill time with a yummy pork tenderloin with chilis and my very yummy mashed taters.

Oh! And while we were on the balcony of the Burgundy Room, we got to see a chick get arrested! (apparently she was beating on her boyfriend a block or so away. The boyfriend was also arrested.) Isn’t public intoxication awesome?

Sunday: Movies, football, beer, naps. Ahhhhhhhhh. Aren’t Sundays the best?

I hope your weekend was as relaxing and wonderful as mine was! Do anything fun or special?

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