pussycat, pussycat, I’ve got flowers

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday, so El Jefe bought her some flowers…and while he was there, he got me some, too! Just because. As it should be.

 After I took the picture, I had to play with my favorite photo apps because I have a sickness.

And speaking of pussycats…Clementine decided to sleep in the bed last night. That doesn’t happen often, as she’s usually on the hunt to kill things in the night.

Happy Friday y’all. It’s a beautiful day here, even if it’s hot as the 7th cave of Hell. (or so I’ve heard, I haven’t visited that cave, yet.)

Oh, and now that I’ve got some Tom Jones stuck in your head, feel free to toss your panties on the stage of life today.

I haz a new hat! (& also a new snuggie…)

Look what was waiting for me when I arrived at El Jefe’s Friday night:awwwww. Somebody likes me!

This was an incredibly sweet gift considering the Razorbacks were actually playing Ole Miss on Saturday…

Oh yes, I thought it was very sweet…until I opened the wrapped present and discovered my brand new Ole Miss Snuggie. Bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha
Now, to be fair, I had this coming. I sorta kinda have been leaving little Razorback trinkets all over his house every time I visit and then I just wait until he finds them. Like when I got the text “I’m drinking my coffee out of my new Razorback mug.” a couple of weeks ago, which I had left in his dishwasher. It’s a game that makes me laugh…until I get something in return, such as an Ole Miss Snuggie.

I suppose it’s okay though…as long as there is never any photographic evidence of me snuggled up in the snuggie…unlike there is of El Jefe, wearing my Razorback hat…

Aw Naw! I’ve been hi-jacked!!!

Mr. Mel has hi-jacked this blog for a moment. Shut up and have a good time.

Now, if any of you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Geraci, then you’d know exactly why I whisked the phone away from mama and proceeded to bogart time with MG.

And yes, the loverly Maria G. has been a sounding board for some of Santa’s gifts this Xmas.

And yes, it’s gives mama the red ass to be kept out of the “circle of trust” and given the silent treatment.

If you email me with a convincing argument, I may be compelled to add you to the “circle of trust” and fill you in on the details of her Xmas giftage.

But you couldn’t divulge. There’s too much fun to be had in not divulging!!!

Can ya hear her squirm all the way over there? Can ya?

Music to my ears…

Fishdog – out!