Do you know what you can buy for $4000?

Yesterday was just a crap day all around. (and no, it had nothing to do with the elections. I mean, I am quite convinced the weather was cold and crappy because the Deatheaters had taken over and were sucking the happiness out of the world, but that had absolutely nothing to do with my day or my mood.) It was just one of those days. And no matter how much I wanted it to get better, it just seemed to get worse.

But today, the sun is out, my mood is bright and life is full of sparkle again. (Sparkle is not the same as Bedazzled, just so you know.)

I sparkle on the inside, which shows on the outside…well, I usually do. Yesterday–not so much.

Anyway, today I’m all better thanks to a nice talk with El Jefe last night, a couple of yummy beers, some fun time hanging with my boys and a very good night’s sleep.

Speaking of the boys…here’s a snippet of conversation from last night:

Ian: $4000! Rader! Do you know what I could buy for 4 grand?

Rader: A hooker. No wait, for $4000 she’d be a call girl.

Me: *deafening silence with mouth hanging open*

Ah yes. I love being the mother of two very funny boys.

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