digging up the past

My statcounter has been really interesting lately. A fairly new reader from Arkansas has been digging through my archives on a weekly basis. I’m glad someone is enjoying my blog so much they want to read my archives! Of course, seeing all the links this person clicked made me wanna dig through them again, too.

Aw. My kids were so cute.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I’ve found so far:

September 2005

A Rader Blog: If it’s green; it matches

An Ian Blog: Laugh or cry?

An Everybody Blog: On Farts and Billy Ray Cyrus

October 2005:


Looking for Laughter

Some of my Favorite Things

How fun it was to go back through some of my older posts. Life has changed a lot since then, but the happy memories are fresh again. Thanks for the reminder!

Maybe I’ll post some random links to some archived blogs each week. I’m especially enjoying how different the kids look!

Happy Friday! I’ve got a big weekend planned with just the boys. Yardwork, movies, Hog Game, and lots of hanging out and I’m sure laughter. Because they do make me laugh all the time.

Random pics of the day:

I figured since I was digging up the past today, I’d show you guys some pics I took in 2006. These are from my neighborhood in Oxford on a brisk fall morning.

Y’all have a fabulous weekend!

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