thank goodness that’s over (you may just wanna skip this rant)

The one good thing I can say about the elections? They’re over–which means no more political ads.

Unfortunately, the one ad that should’ve run every 2 minutes, I never saw on TV. Sadly, I have a feeling we’re in for a repeat performance of some of the things discussed in this ad.

It’s too late now, but…in two years, maybe people will remember again.

It’s a huge pet peeve for me. I lost a house, lost my savings, and pretty much lost my marriage due to the housing crash thanks to deregulation. Yeah, I’m a bit bitter about it. But hey, now the GOP is in charge again, so surely EVERYTHING will be just fine. Right?

Hah. This country’s government has completely forgotten it is supposed to work FOR THE PEOPLE. I’m people and trust me, our government stopped working for me when Clinton’s term ended. Obama hasn’t even been given 2 years to fix the mess that it took GW 8 years to get us into. But it’s over now. And all I can say is I’d much rather watch Viagra commercials over hate-filled political ads any day.
And I’m off my political soap box. Like I said on Facebook…I’m going to my happy place where there is sunshine, unicorns, and Matt Damon.

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