hello Monday!

A busy weekend was had by all!

Friday night: Dinner and movies with Rader and the pug. We watched the Russell Crow Robin Hood (yummy) and Cop Out (hysterical! also rated R for language, so you probably shouldn’t be the kinda mommy I am and let your 12 year old watch it. LOL) Ian spent the night with a friend so he had his own fun, sans family.

Saturday: endless yard work with both kids. My parents have 6 acres total and we spent 4.5 hours or so with the fall cleaning. Picking up limbs and sticks and blowing leaves and making the burn pile down by the pond GINORMOUS. There’s gonna be a burning soon. You know I love a good burnin!
Saturday night we went to Laura and Mac’s house and watched the Razorback game. Well, Rader watched with us as Ian sat downstairs on the computer telling everyone how “Bored” he was on Facebook or he sat in my car talking on the phone. I love 16 year olds. Don’t you?

Yesterday we shopped, had lunch and then Ian had his first driving lesson. He did really well, too! Hopefully we’ll get this thing down and he’ll be driving and licensed by his 17th birthday in March. I blogged a little about it over at Fictionistas today.

This is gonna be a good week. Tonight I’m attending a local book club who read my book last month. Friday afternoon, I’m headed to Augusta, AR to speak to a book club at the school. And then I’ll be spending a long weekend in Oxford.

Is it Friday yet? 🙂

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