book club

Last night I was invited to a local (adult) book club. One of the women works with fishdog, and since he’s still one of my biggest pimps, he’d been talking my books up so her book club chose to read BITE ME! this month.

It’s always so flattering when a book club reads me and then asks me to come for a visit. But it’s also nerve wracking because what if they don’t like the book? And then I’m sitting there facing a group of displeased readers. And WHAT if there is no wine?

Luckily, none of the above happened. They all seemed to genuinely like the book (which is always a plus since it was written for a different age group) and there was plenty of wine, as well as very enjoyable company! Lots of laughing and storytelling and I truly had a great time. Thanks ladies for having me!

In other news, BITE ME! received another fun review this week! 4/5 Stars!

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