don’t you just love bad ideas?

I totally love bad ideas, when they involve boys, booze and being bad. This half marathon thing? Not really my idea of a good time. I must have my IQ tested. I bet I’m barely functional.

Not sure how far Birdrunner and Lindy Lohan and I walked yesterday, but let me tell you…if Birdrunner ever tells you that there is only 1 hill on this trail, you can rest assured that is not true. (pictured: Me, Lindy, Robyn aka Birdrunner)

She called the other hills, “inclines.” Um yeah, since according to Merriam-Webster those two words are synonymous, I guess technically she was right.

Whatever. My ass hurt so bad this morning that when I tried to roll out of bed I yelped.

I know I’ll be thanking her in 3 months when I eventually crawl across the finish line of the half marathon, but right now–gratitude is the least of what I’m feeling.

Being a glutton for punishment, and obviously the type of person who enjoys pain, I’ve agreed to continue working out with her. I’ve never claimed to be smart. Only cute and witty. Thank goodness those two things have gotten me pretty far in life. Guess now I need to start working on my brains.

The good news is, if I don’t have any brainmeat, then I won’t be tempting to the Zombies when they take over the world.

This is only the beginning. I must warn you, as good as I feel when I’m exercising, I will still bitch about it like it’s my job. Because let’s face it, it sucks to wake up and be sore. And it sucks to get half-way through a walk/run and not want to go any further. And frankly, it sucks to cut the cheese dip out of my diet.

I mean, CHEESE DIP! It’s like my Kryponite.

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