Team Melf…

I did it. I took the plunge. I bit the bullet. I *insert various other cliches*… I am out of my damn mind…

But I don’t care. I now have a goal and I’m gonna meet it.

What did I do? I signed up for the Little Rock 1/2 Marathon.

Yeah, we won’t even discuss how I haven’t run or walked much in the past 6 months. The less I think about that the better off I am… Sometimes denial can be a good thing.

If you’ll recall, I ran my very first 5K 2 years ago on my 40th birthday. I had never run a full race of any kind. Now I had walked them…but I wanted to run all the way. (not that you would mistake my ‘run’ a real run. because it isn’t. I really do think I walk faster than I run. LOL) And so, I did it. I met my goal and ran the whole race.

It seems I’ve roped a couple of other chicas in with me. Birdrunner and Lindy Lohan have both signed up as well. My friend Carbkiller (from where I rarely blog anymore because I’m lame) is coming in from Cali for the full! And rumor has it, El Jefe is thinking of doing the half as well. What’s this? The madness is spreading like a Zombie Virus! (speaking of zombies…OMG THE WALKING DEAD IS TEH AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO CATCH UP THIS WEEKEND!)
I’m not going to fool myself into thinking I’ll run the whole way. Hell, I may not run at all. It is 13.1 miles and I only have 3 months to prepare for it. But the thing is, I have a goal now. And I’m motivated and excited and ready to get back off my ass.

Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll actually attempt a full marathon like CK…or maybe I’ll just be happy to have completed the half and move on.

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