thunder! lightnin’! the way you love me is frightenin’…

Woke this morning to a major thunderstorm. I pulled the covers to my chin and snuggled with the pug until the last moment possible.

Damn I hate being an adult and doing responsible things like getting out of bed and parenting and stuff.

The kids were hoping we were gonna be in the ice, ice baby part of the state, so they were sad when I began the early morning rise and shine wrangling. They both decided that soccer rules should apply to school. If lightning strikes within X number of miles to the school, school should be canceled.

Sorry boys. But nice try.

Can I take a moment here to complain about people who don’t know how to drive when the rain is coming down in sheets and the visibility is in the negatives? THE RAIN CAN SEE US BUT WE CAN’T SEE ANYTHING SO PLEASE STOP DRIVING 110 MPH AND CUTTING IN FRONT OF ME THEN STOPPING ON A DIME! And please, please stop tailgating. Oh, just get off the damn road, everyone. /rant.

This is gonna be one of those weird Arkansas days. It was 55 and storming this morning. Temps are gonna drop all day and we have the possibility of snow and ice tonight with a low of 21. That’s just crazy talk. The only thing that will make the snow/ice thing ok for me is if it’s THUNDER SNOW! I experienced THUNDER SNOW once with my friend Jen when we were in KC visiting Nick. For these two southern girls, it was awesome. And actually a little freaky. But awesome.

I want more THUNDER SNOW.

Am thinking that might need to be someone’s wrasslin’ name.

In honor of today’s stormy weather, I’m gonna post one of my favorite pics that I took last year. The kids and I were at the Travelers baseball game and a storm moved in. We stayed (because they discounted the beer…) and I took this awesome shot. I’m so ready for spring and more time in the beer garden at Dickey Stephens Park.

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