bad news; good news

The bad new is, the stupid weather people are predicting more stupid snow tomorrow night and Wednesday. Like 6-10 inches of stupid snow, apparently.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I think that’s stupid. No me gusta.

There is some good news though. Saturday it is going to be sunny and in the 50s…which is perfect weather for the horse races!

I haven’t been this year yet, which is highly unusual. This is the first year in probably 10 or more that I didn’t get to do opening day. (which was delayed a day due to freaking weather…) But this weekend, we will be going with friends…and it will be El Jefe’s first time.

I love a horse race virgin. I’m planning a sacrifice. Possibly involving chickens and unicorns. The horse racing gods will be pleased. They love unicorns.

I’m planning to power through this freaking week by pretending the snow doesn’t exist and hoping the weather dudes are wrong. And then I will point and laugh at them gleefully.

Here’s some pics from last year’s trips to Oaklawn. I really can’t wait for us to hang with our friends, drink some really good beer and do a little gambling.

In other news, I started a new project this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s going to be something I actually pursue as a book, but it really felt good to write again!

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