total eclipse of the earworm

So I woke this morning with TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART playing in my head. I swear, my brain likes to mess with me. It made me dream freaky crap last night and then it gave me the earworm from hell.

Thanks, brain. You are awesome.

I always think of the summer before 9th grade when I hear that song. We were at church camp (true story!) and I had a crush on a boy named Darryl. (Not his brother Larry or his other brother Darryl.) Darryl was an older boy… he was going to be a junior to my freshman. He had blond hair, blue eyes and he wore a blue bandana tied around his head. He was just dreamy in a mid 80s sort of way.

After lights out, our camp counselors would always sneak off to the lake to get baked commune with nature, and we always snuck out to the rec area to make out play ping pong. Darryl kissed me played ping pong with me that night while Bonnie Tyler wailed about her heart’s total eclipse.
When church camp was over, I never heard from Darryl again. He was a ping pong playa and my heart was eclipsed. Totally.

Maybe I should have set my eyes on his other brother Darryl after all…

And for fun, here’s the Literal Video Version of Total Eclipse of the Heart…

Embedding is disabled. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend clicking the link and watching. Funny stuff right there.

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