toes, rose, nose, blows, snows, hos…

I got nuttin’ of value for you today. But apparently I like to rhyme.

Let’s see if I can work all of the title into a blog:
I woke up feeling pretty darn great today. That’s always a bonus, especially since yesterday I felt pretty crappy all day. My nose was all stopped up yesterday so there was lots of blowin’ goin’ on.

The last two days I’ve woken to the smell of roses, which means I’m rising and shining with a happy smile. I highly recommend you try this at home–it’s pretty darn awesome.

I have spring fever so bad I can taste it. (or smell it… ) Thank goodness the snow is all gone. I’m about to call Lola the Toe Girl and schedule my post-winter pedicure. I’m trying to decide on my first color of the season. I’m really digging the OPI Texas Collection for 2011….And I’m torn between 3 lovers colors–feelin’ like a fool… Ooops, bad digression there. Sorry about the earworm I may have just given you…

What do you think?

I’m pretty drawn to Austin-tacious Turquois, Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?, and Guy Meets Gal-veston…

Decisions, decisions.

The post-winter pedicure is very important because it marks the beginning of my annual Feet & Leg pictures… And let’s face it, nobody wants to see crusty feet, nasty toes, or ashy legs when you’re posting pics of them on the internetwebz…

And finally, I have some much needed time with my girls tonight and tomorrow. (ie: the hos or is it hoes? It’s not ho’s….because even though my hos possess many awesome things, in this sentence it is plural and not possessive…) Well, I’m sticking with hos because even though we’ve all collected our share of tools over the years, none of us are actually a garden utensil.

There! I did it. I made my title match my blog. I am awesome. And I rhymed. I could probably continue, but I think I’ll just let it go(es)…

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