FANtastic FANaticals!

I love reader mail. It makes my day every time I get a note from someone who has just finished my books and wanted to tell me how much they loved them and beg ask about a 3rd book… Yesterday, I got the most fun Fan Mail of all…from my niece Zzer: (warning: spoilers!!)

OMG AUNT MEL!!!!!!!!! I read your second book and like i was like what the crap after i read it because i cant believe lex is going to leave he sounds totally hot and so does ryan but to be honest ryan made me mad haha for most of the book soo i kinda chose lex for a while!!! UGHHH anyways just thought i would tell you that!! LOVE YOU!! YOUR NIECE, ELIZABETH FRANCIS

Best. Letter. Ever. And I love you too, Z. Also, I wanted to choose Lex but Maria Geraci wouldn’t let me. Whatever. Lex was hot. And in other Fantastic Fanatical news…Ian had a doc’s appointment the other afternoon and I had to check him out of school a little early. As we were leaving, this group of high school girls followed us out.

“OMG I love your red hair! It’s so sexy.”

“Ian! Is that your mom? She’s hot.”

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner! There’s pretty much nothing better for the ego…other than getting carded… which happened again the other day. Haha! Looks like selling my soul is paying off… 😀

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