that naughty librarian fantasy you’ve always had?

Just got one step closer to becoming reality…

Okay, not exactly. But close enough…

One thing I rarely (if EVER) talk about on my blog is my daytime job. This is my personal space and I talk about fun stuff, and writing, and friends & family, etc. And I’ve always kept my job talk at a minimum. For one…it’s not very professional to spout off about my job (good, bad, or ugly). And number two, I’ve actually only been working part time for a couple of years.

I’ve spent the majority of the last year and a half looking for a full time job. (Me and everyone else, apparently) I’ve gotten very close a time or two, but I’m trying very hard to get out of accounting work (which doesn’t make me happy but I have tons of experience in) and get back into communications type work (which I have limited experience but makes me happy…)

Starting in May, I will be working as a Research Assistant to the Dean of the Ottenheimer Library at UALR. I will be doing lots of writing and communications work as well as other stuff. I interviewed with the Dean and immediately adored her. I knew we’d had a great connection but…I was so worried that I was gonna get another “We really liked you and it was a hard decision but we selected another candidate because she had X number of years more job experience.” Seriously, I might have had a break down had that been the reason for yesterday’s call.

Luckily, it was a job offer instead.

THIS is a dream job for me. It’s in a building with books. I’ll get to write. I’ll be at a university and can continue my education. There will be hot college boys around. What?

April 2011 has been a fantastic month.

Hey Oxford! I’ll be there this weekend and I expect to celebrate!!!

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