Would you pay a fee to try on clothing before you purchase it? It seems some boutiques in Australia are trying to cover a loss in sales by charging try-on fees. Apparently the new trend is to come into the store, try on the clothing, then purchase online for a lot less. Your try-on fee will go toward any purchase you make, but if you walk out without making a purchase, you forfeit the fee.

No. Thank. You.

In other news and absolutely, completely unrelated to the first topic… I was totally Grace under fire today. Or make that, Grace on wet surface… I totally slipped and busted my bohonkus <–official scientific term today when I walked into the office building. You see, it rained all night, and therefore is quite wet outside. I’m wearing my awesome cowboy boots, which happen to have zero grip on the bottom. The floor in the lobby is very waxed brick.

Waxed brick + Slick Boots = Mel’s feet flying up in the air (singing hey diddle diddle with her kitty in the middle of the swing like she didn’t care) What?

Yes, I’m nothing but elegant and graceful. And I’m also hopeful my lovely display wasn’t captured on video to be seen in an epic viral emailing around the world.

FWIW I have it on good authority (my own imagination) that I looked just like this when I landed…

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