Get Me to the GEEK

Guys. GUYS! Are you watching Game of Thrones on HBO? If not, then you need to be. And if you don’t have HBO, now’s the time you suck it up and pay for it.

Wanna read the best recap of the show ever? My friend Stoney does a bang up job getting her Geek on with her D&D references, while throwing in some Ren and Stimpy love. (and really, who doesn’t want a Justice Log now?) This show is really fantastic if you’re a fantasy lover or a wanna be. (I’m a nerd, not a geek, but I’m totally working on my GeekCred by dating an UberGeek and by giving birth to an UberGeekWannaBe.)

There are also recaps other fabu stuff like Big Love, Southland, Batman: Year One, Robin: Year One and Snooki’s book. 🙂 Check out her site at Hey Don’t Judge Me! She’s +10 in Awesome.

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