oops I did it again.

I went to Pinup Girl Clothing and started drooling daydreaming over several dresses. This may not end well…

But seriously, how hot are these dresses?

Yeah. I have a serious need…for more cash. HAH!

In the world of friendship, I hung with ALL-CAPS KRISTAL last night after hanging with two of my besties at SO where we enjoyed a nice bottle of Wirra Wirra Shiraz. YUM. That is all.

BTW, drinking wine on a Tuesday night and staying up past my bedtime was probably not the best idea now that I work full-time and am supposed to be respectable. (being respectable is overrated. Am I right?)

I started planning my new tattoo this week. The idea came to me in a dream and now I’m totally stoked. I need to go see Jud at 7th Street and discuss the design and see what he can work up for me. I wanna try to get it in June… YAY! Hopefully Carla will come take more pics for me again!

In failure news, I did not get to make cherry cobbler last night. But since I drank red wine I think that totally counts.

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