Let’s face it. Even when I’m naughty, I don’t get coal in my stocking… Santa loves me–especially when I’m naughty.

Last night, my friend Eric told me he just discovered that Melissa means Honey Bee. Yup. It does. And that’s awesome. And it also explains why I have a honey bee tattooed to one of my daisies… I take permanent ink seriously. I didn’t want to do something cheesy like a heart or a yen yang or whatever because I didn’t want to tattoo a fad to my body. I wanted my ink to be personal and meaningful which is why it took me til I was 40 to decide what I wanted.

There you go. there’s my honey bee. 🙂

It’s been almost 4 years since I did this tattoo…and I still love it. I can’t wait to add to it…I have a plan. And I’m thinking during Month of Mel 2013…I will implement said plan…

oops I did it again.

I went to Pinup Girl Clothing and started drooling daydreaming over several dresses. This may not end well…

But seriously, how hot are these dresses?

Yeah. I have a serious need…for more cash. HAH!

In the world of friendship, I hung with ALL-CAPS KRISTAL last night after hanging with two of my besties at SO where we enjoyed a nice bottle of Wirra Wirra Shiraz. YUM. That is all.

BTW, drinking wine on a Tuesday night and staying up past my bedtime was probably not the best idea now that I work full-time and am supposed to be respectable. (being respectable is overrated. Am I right?)

I started planning my new tattoo this week. The idea came to me in a dream and now I’m totally stoked. I need to go see Jud at 7th Street and discuss the design and see what he can work up for me. I wanna try to get it in June… YAY! Hopefully Carla will come take more pics for me again!

In failure news, I did not get to make cherry cobbler last night. But since I drank red wine I think that totally counts.

bullets of awesome

  • William Shatner is doing another album and he teamed up with Zakk Wylde to cover Iron Man. Be still my heart.
  • My kid turned 13 yesterday. He had a nerdsplosion with his buddies over the weekend. Like a bad onion, the nerd still lingers in the air, even after everyone went home.
  • Saw my nieces yesterday when they popped over for pizza and birthday cake. Miss my girls. Don’t see them enough these days.
  • Birdrunner and I did the Death Valley Happy Fun-Time walk on Saturday but we were rained out yesterday. Hoping the rain stays away today so we can get our groove on.
  • I’m totally thinking of doing a Warrior Dash. Dude, it’s fire, mud and BEER. Epic.
  • The terrorists kittehs spent the beautiful weekend outside and now they are addicted to hunting leaves, bugs, and sunshine. My tee-tiny little house is grateful. Now to build kitteh doors…
  • My friend Dee’s horse placed 3rd yesterday in its first long race at Oaklawn. We’re hoping he’s running the weekend of the 12th when we’ll all be there.
  • I finally cleaned my house…except for my room which has 3 baskets of laundry and an unpacked suitcase. Sigh. It will never unpack itself, I know. But I keep waiting…
  • I’m down 8 lbs. This makes me happy. I’m glad I’m back on the stick.
  • I want pie.

Bill does Cee Lo Green’s F*** You

That about sums it up. It was an absolutely gorgeous 77 degrees on Saturday. I soaked up all the sunshine I could manage. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is intent on being a big ol’ tease and we’re gonna have highs in the 20s and 30s later this week. That sucks. I’m so ready for spring. Also, THE MONTH OF MEL is just around the corner. I’m planning a new tattoo to celebrate…

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

my new hero

Mimi Rosenthall is 101 years old and she just got her 3rd tattoo. She was 99 years old when she received her first one…And I thought waiting til 40 was a long time!!

You go, Mimi! Rock that Art, sistah!

I’m thinking maybe it’s time for my next one…I want a 4-leaf clover, I’m just not sure WHERE I want it. Probably on my foot. Yes, I know, it’s gonna hurt. Whatever. I can live with the pain. I mean, I fell asleep the last time!


Wow, this has been a crazy busy week.

I think I crashed hard on Tuesday from the major endorphin tattoo rush I had on Monday. It was nuts how tired I was. I was sucking down Diet Mountain Dew like it would keep me young. It neither kept me young or kept me awake.

I was asleep by 9 that night. Exhausted.

Then yesterday, even though I was well rested, I was still a little out of it. I think my mojo is out of whack because the kids are on spring break and so my routine is off. I completely forgot to blog yesterday. That’s just not normal for me.

The tattoo is still beautiful and I still adore it. It doesn’t hurt, but it feels like a slight sunburn. The skin is tight and the design is raised so it feels like braille. My kids are fascinated by it. Rader want to touch it all the time. I’ve probably created a monster with that little dude. Which is fine, as long as they wait until they’re 18 I don’t care what they do to their body. (Okay, there are some things I care about, but honestly, they’re the ones who have to live with it, not me…)

I’ve been stopped twice by strangers to ask me about who my artist was and compliment the design. That’s surprised me. Not that people think the design is beautiful, but being stopped. Either way, I love that people appreciate it like I do.

I can’t wait until my friend Carla gets the rest of her pictures downloaded so that I can steal some. She is an amazing photographer. When the tattoo is completely healed, I’m going to have her take some more pictures for me.

THE MONTH OF MEL! the tattoo…

Believe it or not, I almost fell asleep a couple of times. I’m not kidding. Ask Arkansas Cyndi and my friend Carla (who took this beautiful picture). I was so relaxed when he was working on my shoulder and chest that I started drifting off.Photo Credit: Carla Koen

I was nervous but excited. I had waited forever for this tattoo and wanted it to be perfect. I also wanted it to mean something to me. So when I met with Jud at 7th Street Tattoo and told him what I wanted , I was very pleased when he got me.

(BTW, I totally have a crush now. He put up with me and my pals beautifully. Not sure how he managed, but he did. Jud is a rock star of epic proportions)

When Carla and I got there, I signed some paperwork acknowledging that I wasn’t pregnant, diseased, and that I was fully aware this was a PERMANENT CHANGE TO MY BODY. Um, yeah. I’m aware. The irony was not lost on me that someone somewhere sued a tattooist because he couldn’t wash off the skull and crossbones with the pretty pink bow after a drunken night out with buddies.

Here I am with just the outline:
You can see he’d started working on the color on my shoulder there.

The outline is supposed to be the most painful. I seriously found it uncomfortable at most with a couple of times being a 7/10 on the pain scale. There was never a time I couldn’t manage it and there were a few times it actually felt good. Like I said, when he worked on my chest, I nearly fell asleep a couple of times. (except when he was on my collarbone. THAT did not feel good at all.)

ArkansasCyndi came in after a while and she took some pics as well. Check out her blog for her story about her first time in a tattoo parlor.

The detail work to the bee and dragonfly on my back was the most painful at times. But again, it was sporadic and not unbearable.

Here’s the finished product. I wanted daisies which are my favorite flower, a dragonfly which is my totem, and a honeybee which is what Melissa means in Greek.

More to the story later, hope you enjoy the pics. Thanks again to Carla and Cyndi for stopping by and keeping me company! Love you girls!

THE MONTH OF MEL! Tattoo day!

Today’s the day I mark off one of my 40 Things to do at 40 list.

I’m getting my first tattoo. And it isn’t gonna be a small little girly tattoo at the ankle or a tramp stamp. Or hidden somewhere.

Nope. It’s gonna be large and in charge and gorgeous. (Much like me, yes?)

Okay, it’s not large. But it sounds like it is because of where it will be. It’s going to travel along the outside of my left shoulder blade with a *sooper sekrit* thing in the center of my back. Then another *sooper sekrit* thing curving over my shoulder blade, then another one on the rounded part of my shoulder, and a final one on my chest above my heart. There will also be two other small things added to the design. One that signifies my name and the other thing that is my totem. (y’all could totally guess those two bits if you wanted to) Actually, if you know me well enough, you could guess the whole design because it is very much me. It’s really a very simple design. I saw the mock up Saturday evening and I’m totally stoked.

Still wondering what my mother is gonna say…that’s gonna be fun. She’ll probably pretend she didn’t see it and never mention it, just like she did with my nose piercing.

So get ready for pics today. I’ll be twittering (or having someone twitter for me) as it happens and posting pics there and on Facebook. Then I’ll download the rest of the photos when I get home so you can all see evidence of my pain and of my beautiful artwork.

Today is awesome.

The MONTH OF MEL: we’ve set a date

So, I’ve wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember. And this year, during the MONTH OF MEL! I’m finally going to get one.

March 23 is the big day! I can’t wait!

I should get my sketches next week. Maybe I’ll share the sketches, or maybe I’ll just let you be surprised!

Whoo! The MONTH OF MEL! is awesome!

are you ready?

For the


the month formerly known as March

Starting Sunday, we will celebrate the MONTH OF MEL! in style. So start thinking about what you would like to see me do…My Thursday Girls gave me a few suggestions over drinks yesterday evening. Most of them were NOT PG-13 though. Trust me when I tell you, Wax on; Wax off will never have the same meaning again.

The list of things you’d like to see so far:

Video me singing Duran Duran’s Rio (very dangerous)
Hot pink or purple streak in my hair
Video of me Zumbaing (Thanks, Ayla–seriously)
A short story including some online friends (The Romance Divas)

Then last night my Thursday Girls suggested:

Mel in a prom dress
Something involving a clown (I want to know if “murdering the clown” counts as something)

So, you got anything you want to add? I’m taking requests and if it can be done (ie I have the money to do it, am not afraid of it (see clown), or it’s not rated R or X) then I’ll do it. I will humiliate myself for you, dear blog readers.

Because this is the MONTH OF MEL! and it needs to be celebrated in style!

Today is gonna be a great day. I’m hanging out with Jen, my bff from high school. We’re getting pedicures, doing a little shopping (I have a Vicky’s Secret Gift Cert I’ve been waiting to use…) and we’re headed to 7th Street Tattoos to meet with Jud about my sooper sekrit tattoo design. It’s gonna be awesome. And don’t worry, there will definitely be a tattoo day feature on my blog once I have it!

What’s on your agenda this Friday?