our weekend of rapture…

You were left behind, too? WHAT? You mean we’re going to have to wait til 2012 now for our awesome playlist to be relevant?

I laughed yesterday when I read a status from a FB friend that said, “Wasn’t that like, the worst apocalypse EVER?”

FWIW, on the drive up to Northwest Arkansas on Friday, we thought the end was actually coming a day early. A black cloud of doom descended upon us. It was swirly and ugly but thankfully, no tornado formed.
This weekend Rader had soccer in Bella Vista, AR… so Jefe and I decided to get raptured from Beaver Lake where we stayed for the weekend while attending Rader’s tournament.

The Deathcats won their bracket and I rather enjoyed my rapture, so I’d say this weekend was full of win.

Beaver Lake is seriously so pretty that you should hate me on principle.
Saturday night, we headed to one of my favorite spots in Eureka Springs, AR: The Rowdy Beaver. (or as my friend’s mom calls it, The Randy Beaver. hehe) The Lori Locke Band was playing and we really dug their show. Good set of pipes and lots of talent to back her up.

All in all we had a great weekend. There was a little bit of mischievous recon action on the way home yesterday, but that information will remain in the vault. I will tell you strategery was involved. And ticks. Lots and lots of ticks…

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