Just in case today is the last day on earth…


I am on holiday as of noon today…I may or may not be around for a couple of weeks. We’ll see. Maybe I will pop in and share some love every once in a while…I know you’ll miss me…and I certainly don’t want you to feel sad or lonely.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope whatever you celebrate is wonderful and memorable.

are we there yet?

First off…the prodigal boyfriend has returned! yippee! He spent the holidays with his family in GA and then went to his nephew’s wedding, so he was gone for two whole weeks! Thank goodness I had decorating to do, and orientation at my 2nd job and friends to keep me busy. 🙂 Oh who am I kidding, I’m always busy.

Speaking of decorating:

 The Pimp Tree 
The Flamingo Tree (yes, it’s decorated with several flamingos and the tree topper is a flamingo with a sparkly santa hat on…)

However, I did enjoy this past weekend of alone time. It was wonderful–as I don’t get much of that in my life. I did a LOT of yard work. Burned 8 piles of leaves and raked and mulched for about 10 hours over the weekend. I cleaned the house, did laundry, watched Love Actually again. (I am aware I have a problem.) I thought about wearing my sparkly santa hat to do yard work in, but decided since it was 76 degrees that I would burn up if I did so.

Here I am in my sparkly goodness. I do love the holidays…even though I’m not quite ready for holiday music yet. I’ll start playing it the week before Christmas probably. It’s just too soon…and too warm. How can you listen to Winter Wonderland when you’re wearing shorts and flip flops? (and you’re not at the beach…?)

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already wishing for Friday. Or at least, Thursday night. (You know, Friday Eve) I’m ready for my 2 week holiday vacation to kick in…for me it starts on the 20th…just in time for the end of the world on the 21st. Guess we need to start working on our apocalypse lists again….

Have a happening day! Don’t forget to sparkle…it makes the people around you very happy.

our weekend of rapture…

You were left behind, too? WHAT? You mean we’re going to have to wait til 2012 now for our awesome playlist to be relevant?

I laughed yesterday when I read a status from a FB friend that said, “Wasn’t that like, the worst apocalypse EVER?”

FWIW, on the drive up to Northwest Arkansas on Friday, we thought the end was actually coming a day early. A black cloud of doom descended upon us. It was swirly and ugly but thankfully, no tornado formed.
This weekend Rader had soccer in Bella Vista, AR… so Jefe and I decided to get raptured from Beaver Lake where we stayed for the weekend while attending Rader’s tournament.

The Deathcats won their bracket and I rather enjoyed my rapture, so I’d say this weekend was full of win.

Beaver Lake is seriously so pretty that you should hate me on principle.
Saturday night, we headed to one of my favorite spots in Eureka Springs, AR: The Rowdy Beaver. (or as my friend’s mom calls it, The Randy Beaver. hehe) The Lori Locke Band was playing and we really dug their show. Good set of pipes and lots of talent to back her up.

All in all we had a great weekend. There was a little bit of mischievous recon action on the way home yesterday, but that information will remain in the vault. I will tell you strategery was involved. And ticks. Lots and lots of ticks…

MUSIC to celebrate your last Friday on earth…

Here’s the list we compiled on my FB status yesterday. There are a couple of repeats, but I think that just means they are good suggestions… If the world ends tomorrow, here’s the music to go down with…

The End by The Doors
Any World Will Do by Steely Dan
Hells Bells by AC/DC
Runnin with the Devil – Van Halen
I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive, Hank Williams
Burn Baby Burn by the Trammps
The Four Horsemen by Metallica
Last day on earth by duran duran
The Final Countdown by Europe
Don’t fear the reaper by blue oyster cult
U2-Until The End Of The World
Prince’s 1999 “…party over, oops, out of time…”
Enter Sandman- Metallica
Discharge – Doomsday
Crucifix – Annihilation
Slayer – Raining Blood
Dio – The Last in Line
Peter Gabriel – Here comes the flood
Iron Maiden – The # of the Beast
Metallica – The 4 Horsemen
Unchain the Night and Will the Sun Rise– Dokken
Genisis, “I Can Feel it Coming in the Air Tonight”
Highway to Hell
Rock of Ages
Armageddon It
London Calling
Miami 2017 (They Say the Lights Went Out on Broadway) by Billy Joel.
Zepplin “Stairway to Heaven”
If I ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly
Keep on Dancing Til the World Ends. By Miss Britney. The world may end, but still–we dance!!
Till the World Ends by Britney Spears-yes, I said it! The video is actually pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzU9OrZlKb8
Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie.
how soon is now? by morrissey
Who wants to Live Forever by Queen
Under Pressure from Bowie
Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
Downside Up, another good one from Peter Gabriel
Land of Confusion Disturbed
Bodies (Let the bodies hit the floor) Drowning Pool

Thanks for playing everyone. Please feel free to add to the list today while I’m in an all day “retreat.” I’m pretty sure my idea of retreat (spa, massages, bloody marys…) and their idea of retreat (locked room, meat locker temps, lectures) are not exactly the same thing…

Y’all have a great weekend and I hope to see you Monday!

the end is nigh

Or not. I mean how many people are going to predict the apocalypse and be wrong?

But damn, I sure am having fun planning to be left behind on Saturday where there will be much looting and the killing of zombies.

Because you know there will be zombies. or lots of Chuck Norrises…

Anyway, we’re on my Facebook page building an Apocalyptic Playlist…but we don’t have to just play there…you can play here, too. Suggest some songs! C’mon! It could be the end of the world again! And if we survive this round, remember, the Mayans have said the end is in 2012…so we’ll already have our playlist ready and waiting.