a tail’s tale

Bobcat Greyskull (occasionally known as Turbo, Spazz, Bullet, Blur, and Crackhead) is currently having his tail snippy-snipped. Which is good, because it was getting pretty disgusting. *shudder*
Not that it slowed him down at all. He don’t need no stinkin’ tail. He just needs a piece of paper. And lemme tell ya, you bettah NOT be a piece of paper in his presence because he will PUNISH YOU hardcore.

Here he is crashed out with his BFF. When she allows such things…
In other news, there’s a whole lotta stuff going on at Hey Don’t Judge Me! We have Glee Season 1 Drinking game recaps; My Bachelorette Recaps; Real Housewives of WTF New Jersey; and now Hoarders! Go forth and enjoy!!!

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