lawdy I thought Friday would never arrive!

Seriously. For a short work week, this was the LONGEST. WEEK. EVER. I told Stoney yesterday that I was pretty sure I’d aged 45 years over the past week. Have you seen my spectacles and cane?

I caught up on True Blood last night and I’m going to head over and read Sue’s recap of the episode today at Hey Don’t Judge Me. If you’re watching the show, you’ll want to supplement your viewing pleasure with her very witty recaps. She’s the olive and caper on top of the Easy Cheese goodness.
Man. I could go for some Easy Cheese right now…
This weekend appears to be one of no plans and I’m okay with that. Maybe the party barge will be all better and we can go day-trippin’ to the lake.
I’m very excited about seeing friends and family tonight at Tony and GiGi’s reception. Also, I am going to look really cute. (I have to start planning the cute way early in the day so that by the time the event rolls around, my voodoo has kicked in. Cuteness Voodoo is not an easy magic. Or would that be magick?)
Next week, I start back on my exercise routine. Maybe if I keep saying that in writing to the Internetz, it’ll really happen… I should do something like video blog it. Hahaha. Instead of My Drunk Kitchen (which is AWESOME) I could do I Drink Because I Exercise. Or would that be I Exercise Because I Drink?
Or Boozercise. Even better.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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