MelF’s weekend update

Tony and Angela’s wedding reception was Friday, so the boys and I got cleaned up and celebrated together. I took pics of them because THEY WERE BOTH CLEAN. AT THE SAME TIME. You probably don’t understand how monumental this is, unless you also are the parent of 13 and 17 year old boys…

Here we are before the reception. Thanks to my brother for taking the pics. Sadly, I have none of the boys without them making some kind of face, but hey, that’s what happens when you have boys… or at least that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better.

This is me and Ian after the reception. He’s about to jump into the pool for a late night swim and I’m sweating like it’s my job. But it turned out to be a cute pic, despite the hair in his eyes. At least he’s not flipping off the camera or making some weird face…
Here I am with my nieces Zzer and Scarlette. I can’t believe they are both almost taller than me! WTH?
And here I am with Robyn and the *ahem* BLUSHING bride, GiGi! She looked beautiful. And I had such a good time seeing my some old friends and family again.

There may be some pics floating around (untagged, thank God) on Facebook of me “getting low” on the dance floor. They shall remained untagged and hopefully, unseen by the majority of the world. Thankfully there is no video…
Saturday was low key…so much so, that I almost didn’t get out of bed. El Jefe came over for dinner and a movie and we took the boys to Gamestop so they could nerd out on some “break out of jail and rob a pimp” game. It’s like Grand Theft Auto on crack. I will admit it’s a little bit fun… maybe.
And then Sunday we enjoyed mucho pool time with Robyn and the kids. We only have about a month left to enjoy the pool before she moves so we plan to do it with gusto!

Rader and Ruby soaking up the rays…

Okay, so “someone” (casey epps) forgot Melf’s bathing suit picture rules…and grabbed my phone and took a full body (or shall I say a full BOTTOM) shot. Thankfully, I have Photoshop Express installed on my phone and I played with filter and cropping… Now I look like a movie star… as it should be.
Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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