Operation Bootylicious 2011; episode 1

So y’all know I walked/ran a half marathon this past March, right? (I actually ran (ok “ran”) the last half of the marathon and walked the first half, which sounds retarded and backward, but honestly, the running was easier than the walking by then. dunno why)


After the marathon, I kinda just stopped working out. And by “Kinda”, I mean, I totally stopped. Like I think I’ve walked twice since March. And I’m not even sure if I can count them because I think I went directly to Cantina Laredo after the walks and fell into a vat of cheese dip and could only be saved from sure death by 2 Antonio Banderas Margaritas. Which I’m pretty sure cancelled out the exercise completely.

I do give myself an A for effort though.

I’m actually a pretty fit “fatty.” I’ve been very successful on my weightloss journey (<– yes, I said journey. You’re welcome.) It started when I lived in Oxford. I had decided to try to lose 20 lbs a year until I was at my goal. And even though I haven’t done that exactly, I have lost 5 sizes, and that’s nothing to shake a stick at. Unless you just really wanna shake a stick.

So in 5 years, I’ve dropped 5 sizes and gained the ability to walk/run 13.1 miles. Not too shabby. But also not enough.
What happens is, I get pretty happy with how I look and feel and I just stop. I hit a milestone such as completing the half-marathon, I take a break…and it ends up being a permanent vacation.
And then I end up falling into several vats of cheese dip. Only to be saved by margaritas… And then I start feeling fat and gross again. Bleh. I don’t like feeling fat and gross. I’m pretty sure y’all don’t like looking at fat and gross.
So yesterday I hit the gym at lunch. Today I feel beat-the-fuck up. But who cares. That’s what Advil and booze sleep is for. Who knows, maybe my fitness routine will be fodder for some fun blogs, kinda like when I used to blog at Fat Chicks Running all the time… Maybe I’ll have a new cast of characters I can make fun of while I’m makin’ my bacon a little less fatty and a little more bootylicious.

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