Click Here and do some real good.

So yesterday I got probably a half a dozen inbox messages from FB friends urging me to participate in the latest “Breast Cancer Awareness” status update game. Last year, it was “Post the Color of Your Bra”, which at least somehow made sense–Bras–Breasts–ah ok.

This year’s supposed game? Stupid. Ridiculous. Asinine. Your birthday month is assigned a number of weeks and your birthdate is given a “craving” and you’re supposed to post: “I’m X Weeks and Craving X” So mine would have been, “I’m 3 weeks and craving mint chocolate.” or something like that.

Really? Do you want to tell me exactly how this is going to raise any kind of breast cancer awareness? Do you not realize this makes you look like a moron. This is what I posted instead:

And then my friend Sherri Jones (who works for ACS) posted in my comments about she’ll gladly take $50 for the American Cancer Society. And I decided, guess what, you get it sister. I’m donating $25 today and $25 next month. Because THAT’S how you raise awareness. You raise money.

Do me a favor, don’t post that stupid game which leaves everyone rolling their eyes. Do some real good and donate some money to ACS or to the charity of your choice. Here’s a quick and easy link. And here’s another. Even $10 would go a long way.

Thanks y’all. And to my fellow Americans? Happy Labor Day. Hope you enjoy your long weekend! I know I will.

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