your marketing team should be fired.

It’s that time again. It’s time for me to talk about commercials that bug me.

Drive Sober is currently running an ad that states THEY’LL SEE YOU BEFORE YOU SEE THEM.

You know what I hate about this? The cop in the invisibility cloak allowed the couple to get into the car. WTF? Isn’t it his job to protect and serve? How is he doing either when he watches a drunk couple get behind the wheel and lets them drive away? How did he know that they wouldn’t run into a nun pushing a baby carriage on the way to the road block? This ad stinks. It’s creepy and it’s irresponsible. This dude should be preventing them from getting into the car, not calling ahead to get them arrested. What a load of crap.

KFC asks: What part of chicken is the nugget?

I’d like to know, WHAT PART OF CHICKEN IS POPCORN? hate. hate. hate. These are the days that I miss having TIVO when I could just FFWD my way through the commercials…

I will admit that neither of these are as bad as GETTING YOUR JUNK CHECKED MAKES A GREAT VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT, but still, no me gusta.

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