insert witty title

who needs a title anyway?

This was a great, laid-back weekend. I did laundry, hung out with friends, the Razorbacks won, my son played a helluva soccer game and the coffee fairy showed up every morning!

Let me tell ya, everyone should get a coffee fairy. That guy rocks.

I didn’t take many pics this weekend (must have been off my game) but I did manage to capture quite a phenomenon in pixels.

All animals love clean clothes.

The moment I folded this pair of shorts, Bobcat Greyskull decided to take a break from wreaking havoc and being generally evil…to sleep on the clean clothing.

Notice where Trinity starts out…on a pillow away from the clothing. Then I fold some shirts and place them away from her and turn my back to find…

She has moved to the clean clothes side. So I scoot them out of the way…

and it appears she’s decided to “show me.” Ruby also enjoyed a pile of clean towels. I love having help with the laundry, don’t you?

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