My favorite things

Okay, so I haven’t done a fun “MY” list in a while. And since I feel like a million bucks and am very excited about going to Oxford with El Jefe this weekend, I thought I’d make today all about me.

Because, you know, it’s my blog. And it should be all about me.

Some of my favorite things:

1.  My tattoo: I waited til I was 40 to get my tattoo and I decided to go big or go home. I also wanted to make sure my tattoo meant something to me. If I’d gotten one when I was younger, it would have been something cheesy. I never wanted to regret my permanent ink. So I went with Gerber Daisies which are my favorite (especially the hot pink ones) and a honeybee (which is what Melissa means in Greek) and a dragonfly, which I think of as my totem.

 2.  Flamingos: partly because they are fabulously pink (Yes. I love pink. Sorry I’m such a cliche) and partly because I’m just enamored with them. Today I’m wearing my Swarkovski Flamingo pen that my kids got me for Mother’s Day several years ago.

3.  The smell of brand new, crisp, hot off the press, straight from the bank, money. No I do not print my own. But if I could, I’d roll around nekkid in it because that’s how I roll. hahahaha.

4.  Bath and Body Works fragrances Sensual Amber and Into the Wild.

5.  The 4-legged Family Members:

6.  Hammock time:

7. Girls night out with my good friends. I’m lucky and might even venture to say blessed with wonderful women in my life.

8.  El Jefe.

9.  Sock Monkeys. Nothing says happy like a sock monkey.

10.  Last but not least: My rotten boys. They crack me up every single day.

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