Oxford Recovery

If you haven’t seen my FB pics of the trip, click here.

 The weekend was AMAZING. I don’t think anything could have made it better. Well, maybe winning the lottery, but even that would have just been extra whipped cream.

Jefe and I have great friends.

The first half of the game was slightly painful. I was sitting with the enemy–my people were just a section away, so it could have been worse. And my enemies were quite nice to me over all. Even when we were down 17-0.

The person who picked on me the most was my own sweet boyfriend. I believe the text message BOOM! Headshot! just as the announcer said OLE MISS 17; ARKANSAS: NOTHING.

But his tune changed by the time we made it back to the grove. Yes, I was all smiles.

It was a perfect weekend for football and friends.

ION, Rader P F will be shadowing my bestie Jenn Christman on Thursday. He’ll be on B98.5 from 7-8 a.m. then heading over to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette to do some Newsie work. I think they’ll be doing a food review that day too, so he’s all smiles about that. If you’re around, listen for my boy on the radio that morning!

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