it’s aliiiiiive

Well, I’m back at work anyway. I’m still really tired, but I feel better so that’s something.

And just in time for Friday the 13th. heh.

This poster made me laugh. Usually the Keep Calm memes are kinda lame (except for the Sparkle one) but this one cracked me up.

Actually, this one did too:

Damn right. Like a fucking lady.

Okay, dudes. I’m off to catch up on work and then maybe there will be a happy hour somewhere I can latch onto!

Y’all have a great weekend. And remember, this dude is not your friend:

Actually, you’ll probably want to avoid anyone in a hockey mask today.

My favorite things

Okay, so I haven’t done a fun “MY” list in a while. And since I feel like a million bucks and am very excited about going to Oxford with El Jefe this weekend, I thought I’d make today all about me.

Because, you know, it’s my blog. And it should be all about me.

Some of my favorite things:

1.  My tattoo: I waited til I was 40 to get my tattoo and I decided to go big or go home. I also wanted to make sure my tattoo meant something to me. If I’d gotten one when I was younger, it would have been something cheesy. I never wanted to regret my permanent ink. So I went with Gerber Daisies which are my favorite (especially the hot pink ones) and a honeybee (which is what Melissa means in Greek) and a dragonfly, which I think of as my totem.

 2.  Flamingos: partly because they are fabulously pink (Yes. I love pink. Sorry I’m such a cliche) and partly because I’m just enamored with them. Today I’m wearing my Swarkovski Flamingo pen that my kids got me for Mother’s Day several years ago.

3.  The smell of brand new, crisp, hot off the press, straight from the bank, money. No I do not print my own. But if I could, I’d roll around nekkid in it because that’s how I roll. hahahaha.

4.  Bath and Body Works fragrances Sensual Amber and Into the Wild.

5.  The 4-legged Family Members:

6.  Hammock time:

7. Girls night out with my good friends. I’m lucky and might even venture to say blessed with wonderful women in my life.

8.  El Jefe.

9.  Sock Monkeys. Nothing says happy like a sock monkey.

10.  Last but not least: My rotten boys. They crack me up every single day.

Flamingos, Sock Monkeys & 4-Leaf Clovers OH MY!

These things make me happy.

and btw, I found 10 4-Leaf Clovers yesterday. Or was it 11? I can’t remember. But you can see them here.

Okay, I don’t know why I find 4-leaf clovers so easily. I wish I could tell you. I joke about it being because I’m part Leprechaun, but now I wonder if that’s a joke at all. Because I do sparkle a lot. And I look awesome in green. And I have dye my hair red. And I find 4-leaf clovers almost every day….without really looking for them.

That’s the weird part. Ask my kids. Ian spent hours looking the other day, I walked outside, over to the patch of clover where he was, and just picked one. It’s truly bizarre.

Wanna know whats funny? I’m a little superstitious about 4-leaf clovers. For instance:

  1. I believe if you think you saw a 4-leaf clover and you pick it only to discover it was a 3-leaf that fooled you, then you won’t find another 4 -leaf clover for a while. You may also have bad luck…or at least a bad day.
  2. If you see a 4-leaf clover in a patch but don’t pick it immediately, it won’t be there when you go back for it. I think my family the Leprechauns move it.
  3. If you find one 4-leaf clover in a patch, chances are, there are more.
  4. If you go back to the same patch where you found a 4-leaf clover, you will continue to find them. My family The Leprechauns reward you for your 4-leaf clover faith.

So what do you think? I know there are lots of you out there who never find 4-leaf clovers, and that’s a foriegn concept to me. Do you think maybe I’m part Leprechaun? Or is this some weird genetic mutation? I mean, let’s get real. It’s not a super power or anything. I totally love finding 4-leaf clovers, but it’s not like I get lucky am the luckiest person on earth or anything…


Yesterday was fabulous. Enjoyed the sun tremendously. Planning to enjoy today as well.

I’m over at Fictionistas this morning talking about 6th grade…if you don’t think you’ll be traumatized, pop over and read all about it.

Our 2nd car has been in the shop for a week now. I’m sick of this 1 car thing. I’m not very good at sharing. I need to hit the lottery so I can buy a new car. And a beach house–in Hawaii. And a pool boy…

Enough about me…how was your weekend?


Before I get to today’s blog, I just want to say, that yesterday I received a lovely shipment of BUNCO BABES TELL ALL by Maria Geraci and the book looks amazing in person. I love it. Have you received yours yet? Have you bought your copy yet? Don’t make me pick up my bat…

Now onto today’s regularly scheduled blog topic. And by ‘regularly scheduled’ I mean whatever I decided to write about 5 minutes ago. Because that’s just how I roll…

See this blurry picture of a four-leaf clover? I took that pic the other day after I finished my walk. Then I plucked that bad boy and now it’s taped to my laptop.

When I was a kid, I had a knack for finding four-leaf clovers. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a knack. It was more like I’d look down and A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER WOULD START JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND SAY ‘HEY LOOK AT ME!’ and I would.

That’s pretty much what happened Monday when I found this one. I was just finishing my walk, and was about to go up my driveway when I looked down and there it was.

As a kid (okay and as an adult, too) I would spend hours entertaining myself by hunting for four-leaf clovers. One afternoon, I found a record number of 12. That must have been my luckiest day ever–funny I don’t remember anything else special happening that day.

Did you ever hunt for four-leaf clovers? I’ll admit it, since I found this one on Monday, I’ve been wishing the rain would go away so I could get back out in my yard and look for more. They never grow alone…

Happy Thursday everyone!

this is dedicated to the one I love

I may be in lust with Matthew McConawhatever, but my heart lies with the man in the picture. Sigh. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. But hang in there, your prince charming will show up one day. Mine did. On January 26, 1993. And I married him April of the next year. TWU WUB.