ridin’ the storm out…sorta

Well the weather dudes were all sportin’ stiffies yesterday as severe weather threatened Arkansas. I think they were all saddened by the fact that Oklahoma beat us to the “home of the Quakenado” status.

They kept updating their facebook pages like they were Fred Sanford threatening to join Elizabeth. (If you didn’t get that reference, I forgive you your youth.)

Finally around 7:00 last night it started to rain. And it rained pretty hard for a little while. We even had some lightning. Trinity wasn’t happy…she is definitely not a fan of storms.

For the most part though, it was a big let down. I mean, I’m glad it wasn’t severe, but damn, if you guys are gonna get me pumped up about the weather, then I think I should at least get one giant clap of thunder. I’m not asking for a Quakenado, but I would like a little rumbling… Girding my loins for the impending doom was a total waste of effort.


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