I was trying to be pissy, but now I can’t be. Thanks, Tony Harrington.

I woke up this morning full of hate and discontent. Seriously. Like, my sparkle was actually a flamethrower of bitterness and anger.

So naturally, I posted on FB that I would not be shining today. At all.

And then that damn Tony Harrington had to go and ruin my bad mood by being all sweet. You see, he’s a fellow writer here in Little Rock and he did an interview (which you should go read) and he said the nicest thing ever about me and now I can’t really be pissy anymore.

“I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I moved here from Baltimore, MD and I thought I could kiss the writing scene goodbye. But I am lucky to have found that there is a thriving art scene in the city and beyond. I have met and become friends with some wonderful writers and journalists within the city. Melissa Francis who writes the awesome YA books “Bite Me” and “Love Sucks” is a beautiful human being who is witty, charming, 100% awesome.”

Fine. I’ll be in a good mood now, but I’m not gonna like it. Thanks, Tony. You’re swell. Like really, really swell.

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