weekend stuffs

Ugh. So Rader’s last soccer tournament for the season is this weekend. Naturally he has a game that starts at 8:30 AFREAKINGM. Seriously? I mean, c’mon guys… somebody really hates me.

But I’ll survive. Somehow. (caffeine and sweatshirts)

There will be some more yard stuff to be done this weekend, because next weekend we will be at the tower house on the lake having a great time with good friends.

Last night was the first really cold night, and I woke this morning sandwiched between a vice grip of animals. Trin and Ruby were pressed against my legs and Bobcat Greyskull was purring on my shoulder. I couldn’t move…mainly because I didn’t want to. But then my arm started to fall asleep and I had to interrupt their peaceful slumber. Not really. I moved, they didn’t.

Have a great weekend y’all.

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